Moving the shop and assembling Horizontal Stabilizer

It’s starting to get too cold to spend a lot of time in the garage working, so we moved the two smaller EAA 1000 workbenches and assorted tools to the basement. I may leave the compressor in the garage due to noise and just run the air hose through the shared wall and into the basement.

I’ve been able to do all my structure riveting so far with my Cleaveland Main Squeeze, which has been worth every penny. BUT. I finally ran into a stopping point with the HS skeleton. The yoke that came with the squeezer is not suitable for riveting around the spar this time. So I’ll need to order a longeron yoke first thing Monday, which means I’m on hold with this portion until it arrives.

Still have plenty to work on, including deburring and priming the skins, and countersinking the two spars and stringers. Hope the weather cooperates for the priming.

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